Blackjack Tips

The one game where almost everyone who steps into a casino gives their money a shot at is blackjack. This isn’t a surprising trend considering how easy money can be earned on a blackjack table. But if not played right, that is where you might end up emptying your account as well. However, if played meticulously well, one would not only earn some money playing blackjack but a whole lot of it with the knowledge of a few blackjack tips and tricks.

The first useful Blackjack tip for anyone attempting to make money out of blackjack should know is when to double down. This is a simple one and everyone would probably have heard of already. The best time to double down is when your cards have a total of 10 or 11. This is because the chances of drawing a face card combined with the chances of drawing 10s are higher than the chances of drawing any other card in the deck. By doing so when your hand is at 10 or 11, the maximum you can get is 21 and not bust. This way, you are still in the running to challenge the dealer’s hand even though you draw a small number.

Blackjack tip number two is to know when to split. 10s may be tempting to split but that is not a smart thing to do. This is because you stand a much higher chance winning from a single hand of 2 10s than two hands whereby to make profit you need to have winning hands for both hands as having just one would just even the wager out and you will neither win nor lose. The best cards to split are 8s and aces as. Two 8s give u 16, a very risky number to play and splitting them gives u a chance to get better hands. Evening out on 2 hands will still be a better option considering 16 is an easy value to beat. 7s can also be considered in this case. As for aces, carry on playing and pull two face cards and bust you go. Split them and you have two chances of pulling off blackjack and also a high chance of obtaining a hand with the value of 21 if luck allows you to pull 2 face cards in a row.

One last useful blackjack tip is to never take insurance. At least not unless you are 200% sure that it is the right move. Taking insurance is putting up a side bet where you are betting that the dealer has a 10 or a face card hidden beside his ace. If you take it and the dealer flips open a 10, the wagers are even. If he doesn’t there goes your side bet. Taking insurance dampens your chances of making anything out of that game and by not taking it, the probability of you earning more is higher than that of you earning at all if you take insurance. Unless you are a card counter, a good one to be counted, do not take insurance.

From splitting 10s to taking insurance, I’m sure many of you have done the opposite of what these tips say before. Next time don’t blame tough luck so soon, professionals can’t always rely on luck can they?