All American Roulette

Roulette is a gambling game, almost always found in casinos which originated from France where roulette simply means ‘small wheel’. It does indeed feature a wheel as the main aspect of the game which has 38 pockets all around it with numbers ranging from 0-36 including a pocket with the number 00, which is not found in other European roulettes or certain 36-pocket roulette wheels such as the Barona. The pockets are not numbered numerically and are coloured black and red alternately. Apart from the differences in the wheel and sometimes betting procedures, an All American roulette wheel is handled by a croupier the very same way it is handled in all other variations of the game.

The game begins as the roulette wheel is spun and a ball is spun in the opposing direction. The objective of the game is simple and that is to predict which pocket the ball falls into. Of course it will be a hopeless task to bet on which pocket exactly will the ball land in. Therefore, ways of betting include betting on the colour of the pocket, the nature of the pocket’s number (whether it is odd or even), or specified number groups such as the 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 or 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. More complex betting terms in American roulette most commonly used by seasoned players include ‘straight up’, ‘street bet’, ‘corner bet’, ‘line bet’ and such which all refer to certain numbers on the betting layout. Indeed you can bet on a single number if you wish but the odds are highly against you this way. However, a strike of luck can really get you going because payouts in roulette depend on odds and since the odds of getting a single number right is 35:1, your earnings will be 35 times the amount bet should you win. Now that’s a lot of money. The ones who want to be safe will stick to the 2:1 pocket colour or number orientation betting ways and even though the return is not as overwhelming whenever they win, the chances of winning are higher and this may fatten up your bank account a lot at the end of the day if all goes well.

To give a sense of assistance to players, there is always a winning number display at every roulette table which displays the previous 13 winning numbers. It can guide players to work out the odds or have a slightest guess on what might come out next as roulette is a game of chance and possibility. Then again, which gambling game isn’t? Roulette though puts all of this more visible to the players. Guided by colours, combination of numbers, whether the numbers are odd or even and number groups which can be bet on, roulette is one gambling game which realistically offers players to analyse their own chance and play with more hope of winning than any other game. Once you know the pattern of the game and how to play it right, roulette is a hard-to-lose game. That’s what makes All American roulette one of the most defining games of every casino. Casinos just aren’t casinos without the roulette tables.