All American Poker

In an age where the Internet is a medium of survival, nobody escapes the use of it, not even the casino-thronging community who even before knowing what the Internet is, dedicated their lives to sitting in front of slot machines and standing by roulette tables. That was before. Now, they can happily have their fun at home because thanks to the new found ability to gamble online via video poker and such, putting your money at risk has never been this easy.

All American Poker provides online gamblers with the most authentic video poker experience there is. It keeps to the essentials of a five-card draw poker using a standard deck of fifty-two cards. A hybrid between the slot machine and five-card poker, the game-play involves running the slot one time whereby the player can choose to keep or discard several cards at that point and running the slot for the second and last time after that to complete the poker hand. A payout is made if the hand matches any of the winning hands ranging from the standard stuff like pair of jacks or better to the holy grail of poker, the royal flush. Video poker has existed in casinos for years now. But now, All American Poker lets you do it within the walls of your own house.

With the ability to bet up to five coins per hand (with values of $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50 and a dollar), All American Poker instills enthusiasm into its players to put a few extra bucks on the line with the hopes of getting lucky. To make things more interesting, you can also bet three hands or more via what they call Multi-Hand Video Poker. When the cards come your way you can certainly make a whole lot of money but things do go wrong, more and more evidently in gambling. If people can lose thousands in casinos, it is not much different at home. It is safe to say that another thing offered by All American Poker is the chance of experiencing the pain of losing money in the comforts of your home. Then again, it is all part of the game and All American Poker provides you with every aspect of the game from its fun to its tension right up to the result on your wallet.

Privacy can also prove to be an issue which might cause some to prefer playing video poker at home rather than at the casino. Many people just do not possess the gambling nerves to shrug off the watching eyes of by passers and players of the same row. They either get annoyed by them or lose their concentration in the game if it requires any in the first place. No worries for this kind of things at home though. But maybe the watching eye of a ‘wife’ may prove scarier. Other than that, just ask yourself this question; “How many people actually have clear access to casinos or live even the slightest bit near one?” All American Poker casts that question away because as it has proved already, you do not need a casino to bring out the poker face in you.